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New Craft Courses for 2021

Part of our mission is to preserve the knowledge and heritage skills of the local community. Typically, this involves enabling elders the means to share their wisdom through craft courses but which also manifests itself as other projects too, such as our Grandparents’ Secrets newspaper. We also work with younger tutors too, those with niche and valuable skills that enable communities to better connect with their culture and history, while also contributing to developing skill sets.

As part of our 2021 schedule, we are welcoming three new tutors and courses to the Family Foraging Kitchen roster, all of which are quite different!

Natural Dyes

There are an extensive range of colours to be found among the British hedgerow, many of which can be sustainably picked and used for natural dyes. These plants and berries, whether the humble dandelion (whose name is derived from the French dents-de-lion, meaning lion’s teeth) or the elegant elderberry, are not only environmentally friendly ingredients for your dyeing projects but they’re exciting too, allowing your fabrics to be styled with a unique fingerprint of nature.

This year, we will host an Introduction to Natural Dyeing, led by our expert tutor, Gillian Nakasuji, on September 9th. Places can be booked here.

Willow Weaving

Willow is a remarkably versatile natural material that can be easily manipulated into beautiful and robust structures. Tutor, Lynn Kentish, has accumulated years of experience working with willow and creating a wide variety of stunning products, from garden structures and animal sculptures all the way to arches and bowers. This year, following the success of her course during Spring, Lynn will be returning to teach on two more dates.

The first, taking place on July 31st, will teach you how to create your own zarzo basket and platter, which is especially perfect for budding foragers who would like to style their own basket for collecting wild foods! Places can be booked here.

The second will take place November 20th and will be a festive day for crafting your own willow Christmas decorations. Perfect for adding handmade designs to your Christmas tree or for creating wonderful gifts for others. Places can be booked here.

Bow Making

In only a few weeks, John Fairhurst will be visiting our education centre to teach the traditional craft of bow making over the course of two weekends. Alongside sharing his expertise on wood and carving, he will be teaching attendees how to craft their own bow, one that is comfortable and effective. True to the craft’s history, all bows will be produced with only simple hand tools, heat, and physical strength. The course will take place over two weekends in July but has already sold out.  


For more information on our courses or to enquire about joining our team of tutors, please contact our team by emailing kitchen@familyforagingkitchen.co.uk. Or, if you’re in the area, pop into our Community Food Support Hub at Number 10, Maker Heights!