A powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm

Over past years I have been enjoying the foraging walks that Vix has organised.  She has developed a really excellent and diverse range of courses in foraging and related subjects.

Vix is a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm for discovering, teaching and cooking with the forgotten foods of the British Isles. 

Her incredible curiosity for wild plants and their uses tumbles over into the language she uses when teaching.  Her cookery demonstrations, often in the open air, are always a treat to watch and the resultant food produced is a tasty reward for all those on the course. 

We live in an area where healthy free food grows in abundance and if you don’t yet know about what to pick then connect with Vix and book the courses.

Changed my life

I laughed all the way home because I could recognise so much in the hedgerows. Thank you for doing a wonderful walk in the rain and wind today.

You have no idea idea how much you have changed my life for the better!

A Natural Way Of Teaching

Robbie has such a natural way of teaching to all ages, an impressive feat we all appreciated. My 8-year-old felt included and challenged. She says she’d like to teach whittling when she’s older; no better compliment I’d say!

I loved learning the history, as well as the techniques of spoon carving. We’re both so impressed with what Robbie helped us whittle that we’d come back in a heartbeat.

completely engaged

On behalf of Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club I wish to thank you for a very interesting and informative talk on Tuesday 5 February 2016. 

I had loads of good feedback and looking around at the audience, they were clearly completely engaged with what you were telling them.

Lots of ‘wow’ moments

A truly fantastic day. Lots of ‘wow’ moments, learned a lot and was surprised how much I remembered from the foraging course in Wacker Quay. Just brilliant!

A fun day was had by all

Year 9 DT students enjoyed a wild foraging trip around the college grounds today with Vix Hill-Ryder, from The Family Foraging Kitchen. The trip, which aimed to promote the health benefits of eating straight from the hedgerow, as well as how to identify different species of wild edible plants and flowers, was a huge success, with students making their very own ‘wild edible salad’ which they enjoyed together at the end of the trip.

Vix also discussed in depth the nutrition of the plants students picked and students learnt that stinging nettles contain more iron than any other plant. Furthermore, she discussed exciting and tasty recipes that use these very ingredients; such as wild garlic mayo and a Sorrel Salsa Verde.

Of course, there was a serious aspect to the trip and Vix highlighted in detail the dangers of simply picking any flower or plant that line our hedgerow. She spent time pointing out flowers and plants that were bad for our health and stressed that students must only forage for food with a trained professional and only eat items when they are 110% sure of what it is.

A fun day was had by all, including the head teacher Andrea Hazeldine, who came and made her own salad box.

A massive thank you to Vix and Year 9 who were a real asset to the college.


I sometimes get very depressed where it stops me functioning, and foraging helps me manage this, especially when money is in short supply.

When I need to supplement my shop bought stuff with veg because I can’t afford it, I make myself go out now and find it; which helps both financially and with my depression.

By the time I get back home I do feel happier and excited about the food I have picked. This is a testimony to how learning about foraging has helped me, and I am grateful to you for that. Your advice is invaluable.

great personality and showmanship

Fantastic seaweed foraging walk today at Kingsand. Vix is not only extremely knowledgeable but also has great personality and showmanship. The seaweed stir-fry she cooked for us to try at the end of the session is quite possibly the best stir fry I’ve ever had! Great value for money. We will certainly be back for future events!

friendly and approachable

I had been meaning to go foraging for quite some time before I met Vix. I don’t know why but something always put me off – not the right location, the person running the course wasn’t my cup of tea, or I just couldn’t make the time offered.

With Vix everything seemed just perfect. I love Maker Heights anyway so it was a pleasure to join the group on a rather crisp Saturday morning. Vix is friendly and approachable – talking to people on a level than can connect with, rather than bombarding us with words that we had never heard of or couldn’t even pronounce.

We only walked about two minutes before we were munching the hedgerows and this didn’t stop all the way round. I often found myself giggling away actually, as Vix always had something green hanging from her lips! But this was fantastic as it encouraged us all to get involved.
The cooking demonstration was a nice added bonus to the trip and the food was delicious!

I have since been out walking with friends and picked up some wild garlic, gorse flowers, stinging nettles and pennywort and I would like to thank Vix for that. She has opened my eyes to free food which fill our hedgerows. My mates might think I’m mad but nothing beats free food!

Rural entertainment in an amazing setting

As the Food Teacher at the Marine Academy Plymouth we booked Vix (FFK) to introduce our students to foraging in our extended learning week. Our week involved seeking out food on a budget and the end of the week ended with a foraged feast. Vix provided a few hours of rural entertainment, in the most amazing setting , my students were totally engaged and had an amazing experience. We all ended up on Kingsand beach where we had a BBQ and our foraged and ‘dressed’ salad…

As a cookery teacher, this delivered to my students everything I wanted and more. We are looking forward to next year, where I am hoping we can explore seaweed.