Foragers Hats


Foragers Hats, a customed design creation between TRWKS and Family Foraging Kitchen.
Designed to specifically be worn foraging and gardening and outdoor uses but each one a gorgeous FASHION/STYLE masterpiece.
So much more than foraging style! Paddle boarding? Wear your hat! Rockpooling? Wear your hat! Sunbathing? Wear your hat! Walking to get kids from school? Wear your hat! Festival days, chilling and drinking in the sun and wait a minute….. AND IN THE RAIN? YUP!!! Wear your hat!
Light and foldable, you can pop them in your pocket or tucked into a small bag! And they keep their shape!
Waterproof/Sunproof (reversible)!
Locally Hand made. Hand Dyed. Sustainable/eco local fabrics. Wide brim to pull down in bad weather or extreme sun, fold up and stay up when you need them out of your eyes. Can be fashioned in many angles to suit your face shape. One size fits almost ALL heads we’ve tried them on (inc bigger heads).
Strap with adjustable cord to stay on in winds, or wear loose around the neck when not on the head.