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From Winter To Spring

As the landscape begins to leave the frosts of winter behind, its springtime bounty begins to appear and, for foragers especially, this is a remarkably exciting time. Young shoots of intense green begin to appear, from common hogweed to three-cornered garlic, as well as an abundance of nettles. We’re also seeing the early signs of colour too, with a notable spread of primroses throughout the woodland and hedgerows.

At this time of year, the weather also becomes more reliable. Coupled with the wild bounty that appears, the springtime is a great period for foraging walks, and we’ve got a number of dates to share with you.

February 11th – Foraging & Feasting, Maker Heights

Atop Maker Heights, home to our foraging office, there are not only a range of stunning hedgerows and meadows but also a backdrop of clear water, with paths overlooking the sea. It’s always a pleasure to welcome people up the hill as it is far removed from roads and villages, feeling like a true escape.

February 19th – Seaweed Foraging, Kingsand

Being situated by the coast is a great fortune for foragers, especially since the waters of the Rame Peninsula are of such pristine quality. At this time of year, there are a great number of seaweeds to collect and, when the tide is low, baskets can be quickly filled with a diverse range of flavours and textures.

February 25th – Foraging & Feasting, The Minnadhu

Situated between Maker Heights and Kingsand is a beautiful coastal area known as the Minnadhu. It is celebrated locally for its great vistas and luscious landscapes, from open grassland to dramatic woodland, all of which offers a great array of plants to forage too.

March 4th – Seaweed Foraging, Kingsand

We return to Kingsand at the beginning of March to offer another opportunity to explore its shores. As the tide dips to its lowest, we will navigate the rocks to show you just how easy collecting your own seaweeds can be, before taking to the sand and cooking before the sunsets.

March 11th – Foraging & Feasting, Wacker Quay

Exploring both the estuary and the woodlands, we will be showcasing the best of spring, including the infamous wild garlic. This course will be a great opportunity for beginner foragers to get to grips with a variety of plants, identification, and how to begin collecting their own wild foods sustainably.

March 19th – Mother’s Day Forage, Wacker Quay

For this special event, our head forager, Vix Hill-Ryder, will be welcoming attendees to revel in the springtime landscape for a Mother’s Day focussed event. While sharing her expertise and enthusiasm for the landscape, Vix will also be raising a glass to motherhood alongside a range of wild cocktails and infusions.

To join our courses, visit our Course Schedule page and find your chosen date. If you have any queries or would like to book as a larger group, please do hesitate to email our team at kitchen@familyforagingkitchen.co.uk.

We look forward to welcoming you!