Willow Hurdle Making


Date: 12 November, 2022

Willow Hurdle Making
Sheviock, SE Cornwall

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Willow hurdles have long been a part of the British countryside, dating back to the Iron Age. The material was favoured for its robust and versatile qualities, being easily manipulated while simultaneously maintaining remarkable strength, especially when woven, making them ideal for barriers and gateways. Unlike other materials, willow is also remarkably light, making it easy for a single person to carry structures across the landscape, which grew their favour among farmers and shepards across the centuries. These same qualities also make willow the ideal resource for baskets and tracks.

Our course teaches you how to control willow, how to source it and use it, creating your own natural and traditional hurdles, which you will be able to take home with you. The transferable skill can also be applied to other constructs too and, with the knowledge of our course, you will be able to start creating a number of projects with your new willow weaving ability.

Our course takes place at our education centre in Horsepool and runs from 10.00 to 15.00. We are happy for children to join us and offer an Adult+Child ticket priced at £80 (email to book).


Please note, if you are placing this booking for an indivudal other than yourself, please include their contact details on your booking form. This will ensure that essential correspondance reaches the attendee. Disclaimer: If a course is cancelled by the Family Foraging Kitchen, such as in the event of unsuitable weather conditions, alternative dates will be made available, as well as the option of a full refund. Customers are also welcome to swap their booking for another course (subject to availability) or request a refund until seven days before the course takes place. Following this time, we will be unable to offer a refund (except in certain cases) as it is unlikely we will be able to fill the course.