Wild Flower Meadow Creation


Date: 17 April, 2021

Learn to Build an Environment
Sheviock, SE Cornwall

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Spend a day at our outdoor education base in SE Cornwall, where we are creating acres of wildflower meadows for the benefit of our bees at the Apiary and for all the local wildlife.

Learn all about meadow creation and habitat, look at the species which flourish there, work out how you too can take the lessons that our Countryside Land Manager and course tutor, Robbie Ryder, has learned during the creation of this wonderful space, and create your own meadow. Whether you want to turn a narrow strip of land into a haven for birds and butterflies, or have an actual meadow you want to return to a flowery state, Robbie will advise and encourage you.

We have lost 90% of our wildflower meadows in the UK since WWII. Be part of the movement to reestablish our native wildflower species, a beautiful way to feed some of the most vulnerable species on the food chain.

The workshop takes place between 10am - 2:30pm and the cost of the day includes refreshments. All our workshops include delicious refreshments so please advise us of any food allergies and intolerances at the time of booking.

There will be a maximum of 10 people on this workshop

During the course of the day you will:

Help with the planting and creation of a meadow at Horsepool Apiary. Meet the bees and hives who live and work on site.

Look at different meadow environments and learn about how the earth is managed to encourage perennial wild flower species to flourish there

Take home lists of reliable suppliers of wildflower seeds/plug plants