Shave Horse Making


Date: 23 October, 2021

Green Woods & Shave Horses
Sheviock, SE Cornwall

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This one-day workshop is designed as an introduction to green wood working skills, teaching you how to select and handle various woods, as well as building familiarity with the appropraite tools, all with the eventual goal of being to create a strange wooden equine creature known as the "shave horse". 

This portable work station serves as both seat and foot operated vice. It’s a clever little gadget that can be crafted entirely from timber harvested in the woods, using only a small selection of hand operated tools. During the construction phase, you’ll learn all about the safe and efficient use of more heavy duty crafting tools such as the axe, saw, draw knife, and brace & bit.

Other essential skills covered include timber selection and harvesting (with the emphasis on maximising any natural curves, shapes and features in the wood) sectioning, splitting, hewing, carving, jointing, drilling and at the end of it all, not only will you have made an incredibly useful bit of green wood working kit but also the skills to go on and make join our other workshops making rustic seats, stools, benches and tables from green and seasoned wood. And, at the end of the day you will (hopefully!) be going home with your own shave horse.

The working day will begin at 9.30 with tools down at 16.00. All tools, materials, and hot drinks are provided. However, as all craft workshops are self-catered, we recommend that you bring your own food for the duration. 

Disclaimer: If a course is cancelled by the Family Foraging Kitchen, such as in the event of unsuitable weather conditions, alternative dates will be made available, as well as the option of a full refund. Customers are also welcome to swap their booking for another course (subject to availability) or request a refund until seven days before the course takes place. Following this time, we will be unable to offer a refund (except in certain cases) as it is unlikely we will be able to fill the course.