7th June 2024
Sound Bath
Millbrook Chapel of Rest


Date: 7 June, 2024

The Wild Edges Project
Millbrook Closed Graveyard

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One-of-a-Kind Sound Healing Event

Join us 6.00pm until 7.30pm for this transcendent experience of sound healing in the heart of the chapel of rest, where the convergence of wild biodiversity and ancestral heritage creates a sacred space for healing, renewal, and connection. This unique experience combines the ethereal resonance of sound therapy with the rich tapestry of biodiversity and ancestral heritage found within the churchyard.

Chapel Of Rest

Step into the hallowed halls of the chapel, where time seems to stand still and the echoes of centuries past reverberate through the air. You will feel a deep sense of reverence and awe for the history and legacy that permeates this sacred site.

As you settle into the serene ambiance, let the gentle melodies and harmonies of sound healing by Tracey wash over you. Allow the sounds to transport you to a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. The soundscape resonates with the natural rhythms of the wild. The spiritual essence of the churchyard serves as a conduit for profound healing and transformation.

Nature and Life

Allow yourself to become attuned to the subtle vibrations of the environment.  Tune into the whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the songs of birds that inhabit this sacred space. Through the ancient art of sound healing, we honour the interconnectedness of all life forms and pay homage to the intricate web of biodiversity that thrives within these hallowed grounds.

As the sounds envelop you, feel yourself drawn into a state of profound alignment with the ancestral energies and sacred wisdom of the site. Let go of all that no longer serves you as you surrender to the healing power of sound. Allow it to penetrate to the deepest layers of your being and restore balance to mind, body, and spirit.

This event is for ADULTS ONLY.  Please bring your own roll mat, blanket, pillow, drink and anything else you require for your comfort.
Please note, if you are placing this booking for an individual other than yourself, please include their contact details on your booking form. This will ensure that essential correspondence reaches the attendee. Disclaimer: If a course is cancelled by the Family Foraging Kitchen, such as in the event of unsuitable weather conditions, alternative dates will be made available, as well as the option of a full refund. Customers are also welcome to swap their booking for another course (subject to availability) or request a refund until seven days before the course takes place. Following this time, we will be unable to offer a refund (except in certain cases) as it is unlikely we will be able to fill the course.