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Traditional Cornish Hedging

Sat 13th February 2021

The main attraction of the Cornish landscape is the pattern of small fields enclosed by hedge-banks, usually made of or faced with stone gathered locally. These hedges are our largest semi-natural wildlife habitat, providing a variety of conditions which elsewhere occur only in a wide range of different habitats.


There is demand for new Cornish hedges. Building new, and repairing existing hedges is a skilled craft.


If you have inherited or bought a house with an old garden or some acres of redundant farmland you may find that the hedges are in a poor state of repair. Or perhaps the garden hedge of your newly-built house or barn conversion is already giving trouble. You may feel you cannot afford the services of a craftsman hedger, or you may be attracted to the idea of maintaining your hedges yourself, and feel you will enjoy the work. Maybe you are a young farmer with no older family member able to pass on the knowledge. Or you might be a volunteer who would like to be part of a community project to adopt and restore a dilapidated hedge in need of loving care to bring back its flowers and wildlife diversity. For all of these requirements, this course is for you.


On this short course you will learn the basic handling of stone and use of the necessary tools, the hedging hammer and the long-handled Cornish shovel. You will be shown how to clear the gap in the hedge ready for repair, and how to choose your stone. You will understand how to use your eye to select the right shape of stone to fit into the row, and how to place the stones in accordance with the existing hedge and consolidate the fill. Finally you will top off your mended hedge with earth and turf for a neat, secure and wildlife-friendly finish. Having completed the course you will be able to practice and improve your skill in your own time, in the creation of a newly built Cornish Hedge!


£50 per person

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