Wild food Mentoring

Inspired by the limitations of lockdown, as well as the greater national demand for wild food education, we have created online wild food mentoring sessions!

Each session is one-on-one with our foraging expert, Vix Hill-Ryder, held via Zoom and arranged to suit your schedule.

Sessions can support those starting out, discussing fundamental foraging practices and wild food identification or, alternatively, they can be offered at a higher level, catering to already confident foragers who have more specific and detailed questions. While sessions work well as part of a long-term and ongoing learning schedule, we can also arrange individual sessions to cover specific areas of interest.

Our foraging mentoring sessions discuss a wide range of potential wild food and foraging topics, giving you everything you need to help you identify delicious ingredients in your local area, understand their nutrition and benefits, as well as how to appropriately harvest them in a sustainable and considered manner.

Vix will also teach you delicious ways to cook and preserve the ingredients you forage too, such as pickling, fermenting, and dehydrating, alongside teaching you of their potential medical uses.

To gauge the type of learning and class format that works for you,
we offer a 
free initial consultation.

Classes are then priced at £20 and last 45 minutes.

For more information or to book an initial consultation, please use our contact form below!

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